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December 6, 2011

COP17, UN Climate Change Conference, Durban December 2011

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Together with colleagues from the MediaClimate Network from Bangladesh, Bresil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Norway, Sweden and USA @ the COP17. Very interesting to see a huge climate summit from inside. The expectations for a Durban deal that represents a serious change in direction to ensure that the world temeperatures dont raise catastrophically are however slim. Very slim. Jim Leape from WWF International described the summit as a huge failure of ambitions” , wheras Kumi Naidoo, leader of Greenpeace International stated that all the present scenarios involve a catastrophy for the world’s future, with 4 degrees increase in global temperatures, pobably even more for Africa.

I talk a lot with South African and international journalists to get an understanding of how they cover climate change and the current summit.

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