After Western Hegemony – 40th World Congress of Sociology in New Delhi

The 40th World Congess of the International Institute of Sociology was held in New Delhi 16-19 February 2012 . Presented paper in the Gender & Modernity – Rethinking Power and Identity in the Global Arena Session, on the media coverage of Caster Semenya. The overall theme of the congress was very timely : After Western Hegemony: Social Science and its Publics, and opened for some interesting perspectives. Some big names such as Benedict Anderson, Craig Calhoun, Saskia Sassen, Mahmood Mamdani and Ashis Nandy put the interventions on a real world class level, but also many of the not so well known scholars presented some highly interesting perspectives. Programme.

Furthermore New Delhi is a fascinating and highly addictive cosmopolitan capital! Train journey to Agra and visit to Taj Mahal and the Red Fort on the bank of Yamuna River truly make up for ever lasting memories.


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