Music and Censorship, April 2012

Censorship and Self Censorship: theory and ethics.
April 26-27, 2012 Music department, Oslo University College Second Workshop with international partners Sponsored by a NordForsk grant to Nordic Network for Researching Music Censorship
Thursday April 26th: 12:00 Lunch at Fyrhuset

13:00 Introduction to the themes of the workshop, Annemette Kirkegaard

Keynote speech; John Hutnyk
Poetry After Guantanamo: MIA as provocateur.

Steen K. Nielsen & Mads Krogh:
Globalizing US corporate music self-censorship
Heli Reimann: The almanac of Swing Club as a jazz agent of the time

Antti-Ville: Censorship of music in ‘post-Soviet’ Finland 17:00 ␣ 17:15 Small break

Panel: Kristin Skare Orgeret, Krister Malm, and Kristine Ringsager. Chaired by Annemette Kirkegaard
On the issues of censorship and self censorship based on the participants research. 10 minutes for each presentation  followed by a plenary discussion.

Friday 27th, Second keynote; Karin van Nieuwkerk,
From Religious Ethics to Clean Aesthetics: Religious wedding songs and halal soaps
Anne Murstad;; (Self) censorship among exiled Tibetans in Kathmandu, Nepal
Tom Solomon; Self-censorship as critique:The case of Turkish rapper Sagopa Kajmer
Closing panel


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